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Bladder function

Bladder problems like urinary incontinence, urinary frequency or pain could be quite bothersome and embarrassing. Something can be done about it.

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Pelvic Organ prolapse and related issues

Though very common, women avoid talking about these issues and suffer in silence. You can talk about your issues in a calm and confidential environment.

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Child Birth and Post Pregnancy issues

Post-pregnancy urinary, bowel or sexual dysfunction does require timely intervention to avoid long term suffering. There are many options to treat .

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Heavy Periods and other menstrual disorders

From teenage till menopause women may suffer with menstrual issues. It is possible to diagnose and treat effectively with range of treatment options .

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Though most women experience mild pain, when it is severe and recurring, it takes it's toll in your physical and mental wellbeing. You require a holistic approach.

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Menopause Related issues

Though most women sail through it for some it can be very difficult phase of life. You can be helped in number of ways effectively and safely.

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Gynaecological Well Women Check

Your physical and mental wellbeing is the most important. In today’s busy life women need to be proactive in maintaining health.

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Fibroids are mostly benign and quite common. Some of them can cause symptoms like heavy / irregular bleeding. Most of the time they can be treated with minimally invasive approach.

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Some women worry about conditions like vaginal pain, vulvodynia or labial abnormality but find it quite difficult to seek help.

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