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Gynaecological Well Women Check

The well women health is a preventative health screening. They are designed for a busy lifestyle to assess you current state of health. It includes not only the relevant tests but also advice about how to reduce your risk by catching early signs of illness. They are tailored to your personal needs and relevant for women of all age groups.

Concept of well women check is becoming more popular. In today’s busy life it is becoming increasingly important to look after your health. Early detection of problems saves lives. They’re relatively quick and cost less than you think. Essentially these checks are to look for any red flags that could signal a problem. After consultation we will be able to advice on the specific screenings that are suitable for you to undertake. Usually this is, clinical assessment, abdominal and pelvic examination, smear test (if needed), Pelvic ultrasound scan, vaginal swabs in some cases, CA125 for ovarian screen (for age over 40 years).

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